It is very beautiful in the Russian countryside at this time of year.

ski_2.jpgOlga and some friends went skiing earlier this week.  At left is Olga with Natasha Chepushtanova. Olga Ryazhskikh was also with them.  They were skiing on a lake north of the city and had a great time. I (Mike) return to Russia on Tuesday.  It’s been a great visit to the US, and I am ready to be home.

Our work continues to expand — I will go with two teams to Montenegro this summer, and a team will build a pavilion at Elama (our Russian camp) in June.  I’m exploring the possibility of helping a ministry in Estonia, and we will visit Belarus soon to support a ministry there.  Please keep MIR in your prayers, the work is getting more difficult as the financial situation becomes a concern.  That said, the Lord continues to lead us and bless us;  He is trustworthy and true.

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