Please keep this in prayer — on the way to church yesterday Olga’s mother, Tanya, was hit by a car.  She has lost some teeth and has a concussion.  The neurologist said that she’s OK, but some of her upper jaw has been damaged so that it will be difficult to implant teeth in the future.

dacha.jpgOlga’s grandfather was released from the hospital yesterday.  Orest is 90 years old and doing very well considering his age. We took him and his wife Ludmilla to dacha today.  He is very happy to be back home in the country.  He’s pictured above at dacha, and a picture of dacha is to the left.

Ludmilla has a mass in/on her intestines (we’re not sure what it is) and will be getting out-patient treatment until she goes into the hospital in a couple of weeks for more tests. She’s not feeling very well herself and is under some pressure as she cares for Orest. Being at dacha should help them relax a bit.

I will go to Estonia on Monday (and perhaps Olga will be able to travel with me) to learn more about ministry opportunities there and have some time with missionaries to see how we might serve them.  The Lord may be opening a door for us to minister in Estonia.  On Wednesday I’ll drive to Belarus to visit Spring of Revival, and help them as I am able.

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One Comment to “A Postcard from Russia — Family News”

  1. mary says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m glad that you were there to help.