Mary Walsh and her daughter Sarah arrived yesterday. I met them in Helsinki and then we drove up to Koppero. It’s good to have them here. We return to Russia tomorrow and then go on to Estonia on Sunday.

We went looking for mushrooms and ended up with berries:

Valerie enjoys the lake:

And as always the sunsets are beautiful over Pühajärve:

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One Comment to “Snapshots from Finland”

  1. Susan Weldon says:

    Looks like you guys are having a great time. Miss you all……….. especially Valerie!
    Tell Mary that we are having some great parties at her house while she is gone. Other than the dog getting stuck in the chimney, the TV getting stolen, and the some broken windows everything is fine. Oh, and the police had to come by 3 times to tell us to turn the music down. I don;t think her fine will be too much, or maybe just some community service. Her neighbors sure do complain a lot!
    Love you all! susan