Michael on October 19th, 2017

We’re getting deep into the Autumn and I haven’t given an update about the summer. So, here goes – We did a LOT of work on dacha this summer. Actually, we hired a crew to do most of it — new siding on the back part of the building, a new veranda, new windows for […]

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Michael on June 19th, 2015

Our time in the States is coming to an end. Olga and Valerie went to Russia on Monday and I will go to Russia tomorrow. This has certainly been a bittersweet visit. It has been great to see so many family and friends, and Mom’s funeral went as well as anyone could hope. After the […]

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Michael on April 20th, 2015

  Now THAT is a birthday picture. Valerie has just about the most birthday parties of any person I’ve ever seen. Even though her birthday is in July, we decided to throw a party now so she could share it with her friends here in Athens, GA. We met at my dad’s farm, and part […]

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Michael on June 5th, 2014

I had to take a picture of this menu that I saw in Montenegro. Notice the Sweet Crepe with Plasma. Can you find Ham & Eggs and Bacon & Eggs?

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Michael on June 3rd, 2014

Montenegro is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. I spent two weeks there with a mission team from Athens, GA. Meanwhile, Olga and Valerie had an eventful time in Russia. In addition to time at dacha, they attended a church retreat and have been quite busy. In Montenegro, the team included four young ladies […]

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Michael on February 24th, 2014

Olga’s sister, Alla, is part of a team that has created a travel website that specializes in Montenegro and the Balkans. It’s a great site, so I thought I’d share it here so folks can visit. There are a lot of interesting articles in both English and Russian. Visit the English-language site here and the  […]

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Michael on September 19th, 2013

So, what is my life like in my role at Stoneworks? Here’s a small look at recent events: In late August, my family and I drove from Russia to Montenegro. For ten days, I was with a team from the US looking at some land (at left) we hope to purchase for a camp; I’ll […]

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Michael on February 17th, 2013

I recently returned to Russia from Montenegro and Austria. I made initial contact with a ministry in Vienna and had a great time visiting Matt and Liz Eck. I hope one result will be a partnership between Stoneworks, Calvary Chapel-Vienna and the youth ministry in Montenegro. The picture above is truly significant. While it may […]

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Michael on February 15th, 2013

This is fun and handy. I’ll probably come back to it often, since I’m often making calls to various parts of the world: St. Petersburg, Russia / Worldwide Time Clock Viewer (click on map to view time)

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Michael on September 16th, 2012

Vladimir and Marijana Cizmanski are visiting us from Montenegro. They arrived a few days ago; it’s a dream come true for them to visit us and see our life in Russia. Here’s proof that our good friends from the South have made the long journey — Vladimir and I are now visiting Yura Belonozhkin in […]

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