Michael on June 3rd, 2014

Montenegro is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. I spent two weeks there with a mission team from Athens, GA. Meanwhile, Olga and Valerie had an eventful time in Russia. In addition to time at dacha, they attended a church retreat and have been quite busy. In Montenegro, the team included four young ladies […]

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Michael on September 1st, 2013

In November of 2000, I (Mike) moved to Russia to help establish a Russian Charity named MIR.  A little over a year later I married Olga.  In 2011, we welcomed a three year old Russian girl named Valerie into our home. Over the years, God has led us and blessed us in many ways. We […]

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Michael on April 25th, 2013

Well, it’s been too time since our last family update. Our apologies. Much has happened since we last wrote. We are in the USA right now, and it’s been great to have time with our family in Athens, Georgia (that’s Mike’s Dad at left in the picture above) as well as meet with many friends […]

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Michael on March 17th, 2011

MIR and Stoneworks, the two organizations I serve, are helping a Russian named Alina as she becomes a foster parent. Alina participated in MIR’s New Family program a few years ago. Alina is partially supported by donors in the US, a family that hosted these children as part of MIR’s hosting program. This is one […]

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Michael on January 2nd, 2011

Many of you have by now heard our big news: we are guardians of a three year old orphan named Valerie. She came to live with us last Tuesday evening. She’s doing great as she gets settled in to her new life with us. We have just entered a brand new phase of our lives, […]

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Michael on June 30th, 2010

We returned on Sunday to a beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia.  The weather has been perfect, and it has been great to start reconnecting with family and friends after such a long stay in the US.  Olga took the picture above, in the park across the street from our flat. We are thankful for the many […]

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Michael on June 4th, 2010

Here is the latest news on our embryo adoption — As many of you know, Olga and I have been in this process for the past year. We transferred two embryos this morning! It took very little time, and the doctor and embryologist were very helpful. We prayed for wisdom about whether to transfer one […]

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Michael on May 28th, 2010

Victor Minakhin, Olga’s third cousin once removed, has created a family tree of people who will attend our family reunion in Narva, Estonia this August. I’ve cropped the entire tree to show the part that directly relates to Olga’s line. You can read about Olga’s grandfather, Orest Maximilianovich Grootten, here; and here is more info […]

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As you can see, this is Olga writing here. Well, I had to be patient and wait five days for the pictures!  But today they have finally arrived!  I called my sister and heard a great news, that she is already at home with her baby! She did say that she thinks him to be […]

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Michael on January 26th, 2010

Good news! Olga’s sister Alla gave birth to a boy — Andrej.  The baby has some jaundice, but everyone is doing well. We’re very happy to be Aunt and Uncle. We’ll post pictures soon. Alla is married to Zhelyan, a Montenegrin, and they live in Podgorica. And we will soon be in Montenegro. (Click here […]

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